Terms and Conditions

1. American Standard Calibration Laboratory / Technology Solutions (ASCL / TS) will accept instruments for repair and calibration subject to the following conditions –
2. The calibration will be performed within the scope of the ISO 17025 accreditation. Where measurements are required, that do not fall within this accreditation, ASCL / TS reserves the right to provide traceable calibrations, or to outsource such.
3. The scope of the work, and where applicable the procedure to be followed shall be specified by the client. Where no requirements have been specified, the instrument shall be calibrated in terms of the manufacturers recommended procedure, the accuracy specification or a relevant in-house procedure, whichever is the most suitable.
4. Services shall be rendered subject to the client detailing the scope of work, and where applicable, the procedure to be followed and accepting the price and conditions of payment.
5. Prices are based on prevailing cost of material and labour rates and are subject to alteration in terms of subcontracting of items, exchange rates and import duty, freight and cartage.
6. All repairs are guaranteed for a period of 90 days and are limited to the actual repairs performed. Calibrations are not guaranteed.
7. The cost of cartage and freight will be for the clients account, unless otherwise arranged.
8. Ownership of the instruments will remain with ASCL / TS until such time that the full contract price has been paid.
9. The contents of all certificates issued are confidential and may not be reproduced, unless in full, and not without the permission of ASCL / TS.
10. All payment shall be strictly COD, unless prior arrangements have been made for an account. No deduction for early settlement or any other discounts will be allowed, unless by prior arrangement.
11. While every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of work performed, the client indemnifies ASCL / TS against any claim of whatever nature whether direct or indirect, including consequential damages.
12. Equipment shall be clearly marked for identification purposes. ASCL / TS reserve the right to mark unmarked instruments.
13. The values given in the certificate are correct at the time of calibration and refer only to the instrument being calibrated. Subsequently the accuracy will depend on factors such as care exercised in handling the instrument and frequency of use. Re-calibration should be performed after a period, which has been chosen to ensure that, under normal circumstances, the instruments accuracy remains within the desired limits.
14 Where no calibration expiry dates have been specified by the client, or no contract review form has been received, ASCL / TS will select an expiry date based on manufacturers’ recommendations.
15 Where statements of compliance are made, the measurement uncertainty is taken into account.