The global trend is towards a free market with no economic trade barriers, allowing for free movement of goods and interchange of services. Such a situation can only be consummated when technical barriers to trade are also eliminated. For this to occur the trading countries must have confidence in the quality and environmental systems, personnel and product certification and inspection systems as well as the measurements and tests conducted by each other.

Why use our Accredited Laboratory? When selecting a laboratory to fulfill your testing, calibration or measurement needs, you need to be sure that they can supply you with accurate and reliable results. The technical competence of a laboratory is demonstrated by the published Scope of Accreditation issued by an ILAC recognised Accreditation Body.  This depends on a number of factors including:

  • the qualifications, training and experience of the staff
  • the right equipment – properly calibrated and maintained
  • adequate quality assurance procedures
  • proper sampling practices
  • appropriate testing procedures
  • valid test methods
  • traceability of measurements to national standards
  • accurate recording and reporting procedures
  • suitable testing facilities

All these factors contribute to a laboratory being technically competent to do your testing and calibration.

We minimise risk Throughout the world today, customers seek reassurance that the products, materials or items they produce or purchase meet their expectations or conform to specific requirements. This often means that the product is sent to a laboratory to determine its characteristics against a standard or a specification. For the manufacturer or supplier, choosing American Standard Calibration Laboratory, a technically competent measurement science laboratory, we minimize the risk by calibrating or testing products and items.  Calibrations are performed in terms of internationally accepted best practice methods and client / manufacturer specifications.

We enhance our customers’ confidence Confidence in your product is enhanced when it has been thoroughly evaluated by an independent, competent accredited facility. American Standard Calibration Laboratory has been subjected to third party accreditation. The accreditation certificate demonstrates that we are competent to perform tests and calibrations in terms of the Scope of Accreditation.  Increasingly customers are relying on independent evidence, rather than simply accepting a supplier’s word that the product is “fit for purpose”.

We reduce costs and improve acceptance of your goods overseas Through a system of international agreements, American Standard Calibration Laboratory receives international recognition, which allows our test and calibration data to be readily accepted internationally. This recognition reduce costs for our clients that have their products or items tested and calibrated in our Measurement Science accredited laboratories, by reducing or eliminating the need for retesting in the importing country.

Why is our laboratory’s technical competence so critical to you as a manufacturer, supplier, exporter or customer? Throughout the world, many countries rely on a process called laboratory accreditation as a means of determining technical competence. Laboratory accreditation uses criteria and procedures specifically developed to determine technical competence. Specialist technical assessors conduct a thorough evaluation of all factors in a laboratory that affect the production of test or calibration data. The criteria are based on the internationally accepted standard ISO/IEC 17025 used for evaluating laboratories throughout the world. Laboratory accreditation bodies use this standard specifically to assess factors relevant to a laboratory’s ability to produce precise, accurate test and calibration data, including the:

  • technical competence of staff
  • validity and appropriateness of test methods
  • traceability of measurements and calibrations to national standards
  • suitability, calibration and maintenance of test equipment
  • testing environment
  • sampling, handling and transportation of test items
  • quality assurance of test and calibration data

Laboratory accreditation also covers the quality systems elements addressed in ISO 9001 certification. To ensure continued compliance, American Standard Calibration Laboratory is regularly re-assessed to check that we are maintaining our standards of technical expertise. We also participate in regular proficiency testing programs as an on-going demonstration of our competence.

Laboratory accreditation thus provides a means of evaluating the competence of our laboratories to perform specific types of testing, measurement and calibration.

Very importantly, laboratory accreditation provides formal recognition to competent laboratories, thus providing a ready means for customers to find reliable testing and calibration services able to meet their needs.